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Welcome back to Cashbet168! In this post, we will give the players one of the most important things about Blackjack – Blackjack strategy. We hope that after reading this post, our players can take advantage of it to play Blackjack in both land-based and online casino. Now, let’s find out what it is!

As you know that many casino games demand luck only which is the main thing that creates gambling to be a risky activity. One thing which makes Blackjack different from other betting games is that it requests both luck and skills. In case the players put into action a trusted plan, they will importantly enhance their winning chances. If you want to be a consistent winner in the long run and keep your profit, you need to follow a strategy.                 

Over many years, many effective strategies have been made and thus, it is probable to reduce the house edge considerably. Almost these strategies recommend the greatest move in a specific situation, relying on the cards of the players. At present, more experienced players use the basic strategy to change the odds following to their preferences.                      

Fundamental Strategy Overview

This strategy is made by Julian Braun (the computer expert) and this is the reason why this strategy is so efficient and accurate. With the basic strategy, it is probable to reduce the house edge and make a profit. It offers useful information about many of the hardest cases and how to handle them. This strategy is the best solution for those who want to enhance their game and improve their skills to an advanced level.

The basic strategy is the most famed in this game. It is applied by many players since it has demonstrated to be more effective. This strategy is similar to a guide since it recommends the most effective move in one specific situation, paying attention to the dealer’s up-card and the total hand of the players. To control to use correctly the basic strategy, it is necessary to be acquainted with the basic rules of Blackjack. More players lack the essential knowledge of the basic terms like hard and soft hands which stripping them the opportunity to grasp Blackjack exactly.

If the players always confused about whether they should stand, hit, double down, or split, thus it is when you have to look at this strategy chart. It contains many various variations, each variation trying to offer the best solution for a specific hand. To use it properly, the players should follow it during the game sine if you do not do so, you can not gain the wanted result.

This strategy offers the gamblers useful information about the greatest probable move in one particular situation and thus, to use it properly, the players should be acquainted with many hands that appear most. Thanks to it, you can be prepared first and can effectively handle them whenever needed. Blackjack is a game of card that is often played with 8 or 6 decks of cards, thus, there are many combinations are formed. This also explains why it would be best to study them in advance to adequately take into action.

The basic strategy has a goal that supports the players to reduce the house edge, and this means that with this strategy, the players will not definitely win all the time.

When To Split Pairs

Receiving two corresponding cards is one situation that definitely happens at any point throughout the game. In these cases, more gamblers often impulsively act since they follow to the favored belief that every two cards should be split, notwithstanding the cards, forming them. However, this is not often the case since there are many situations in which the players should avoid splitting and retain the whole pair instead. Besides that, in case the players do not follow a trusted strategy, they certainly lose their money in the long run. Look at all probable pairs that could be distributed and decide the greatest move for them, paying attention to the hand of the players and the up-card of the dealer.

Let’s begin with the case when the players get one pair of 8’s since this will be the exclusive combination that demands to split in all cases, notwithstanding the dealer’s up-card. 8 is said to be a powerful value to form a new hand since it has relatively good opportunities to make a reasonable total. Different from the pair of 8’s, about a pair of 5’s, when the gamblers have this pair, it is suggested to do not split it in any case, regardless that the dealer indicates an up-card. Instead, it would be better to double down while the up-card of the dealer is 2 through 7 and hit when he gets 8 through Ace. Same for a pair of 10’s, the gamblers should not split, stand instead would be best, notwithstanding the dealer’s up-card. This is because any different move can place them in an adverse situation.

If the gamblers get a pair of Ace and the dealer’s up-card is 2 through 8, the gamblers should split. If they get one pair of 7’s, 3’s, or 2’s, it is preferable to split in case the up-card of the dealer is 2 through 7. About a pair of 4’s, the players should only do this move in case the dealer gets a 6 or 5. In case the gamblers get one pair of 6’s, they can split only when the up-card of the dealer is 2 through 6. In case the up-card of the dealer is not any mentioned examples above, the gamblers should hit. In case the players get one pair of 9’s, it would be better to always split if the dealer does not have an Ace, a 7, or 10.

When To Double Down

Generally, it is highly recommended to double down in case the dealer is in a negative position since this is the best time when the gamblers have the top winning opportunities. In this way, the players will double their first wager and offset their prior losses. This move will be very effective, but only when the players use it exactly. In many casinos, it is probable to wager fewer than the initial bet when using this move. However, double down is said to be adverse for the gamblers and so, it will be best to avoid this move. Now, look at many situations which are good to use doubling down:

It would be best to use the move “double down” in these above situations because in these situations, the dealer is weak and so, the gamblers will make the best of it. About the remaining available combinations of these cases, the gamblers should hit. The exclusive exception occurs when the hand of the player is A-7 since it would be best to stand in these situations in case the dealer has a 7 or 2 through Ace.

When To Surrender

Surrender will be very beneficial if the gamblers know when to apply it. Generally, it will be best to surrender when you are sure that you will lose. For example, if the gamblers get a hand with its total of 16 and the dealer indicates a King, the winning chances of the gamblers are extremely low and thus, surrender is the best. In this way, the gamblers can keep half of their wager which they are forced to lose. The surrender is disliked by more players since it stripping away the gamblers the opportunity to play their hand. But, they get the odds which are in a specific situation are invariant and they will not do more to enhance them. You should note that more casinos do not provide this move since it is demonstrated to be extremely effective for the gamblers and this explained why it will be best to check carefully whether it is disposable or not in advance.

Another Popular Blackjack Strategy

One more exceedingly worldwide strategy is the card counting strategy. The card counting strategy is said to be more developed and this explains why this strategy is applied predominantly by many experienced players who know the basic strategy back and forth. The card counting strategy brings the players one chance to follow the cards on the Blackjack table and decide the payout between the low and high-value ones. If it is used with the basic strategy, the card counting strategy can be very beneficial and accurate since thanks to this strategy, it is probable to guess a big extent the forthcoming cards.

You can create better moves and choices thanks to this strategy since you will get a common idea about the rest of the cards in the deck of cards. Over the years, more card counting strategies have been improved to support the players enhance their winning opportunity. All of these strategies work with a similar principle – assigning specific point values of the cards to make the card counting strategies effective. Many most famed card counting strategies are Wong Halves Strategy, Hi-Lo System, Omega II Strategy, Zen Count Strategy, and so on.

Useful Tips

To be a consistent winner and control to enjoy Blackjack fully, you have to learn a trusted strategy. The basic strategy is combined with one card counting system that might work effectively and decrease the house edge notably. The medium hand of winning in this game is 18.5, and this means that the players get authentic opportunities of winning even when they do not reach 21. They are a competitor against the dealer and thus, they need to always pay attention to the dealer’s up-card. All their determinations need to rely on the total value of their hand and both the up-card of the dealer. In case you spend your time on learning the basic strategy, you can make better choices of betting and gain more win.

Apart from the basic strategy, having money controlling skills and discipline is also very important since it is impossible to keep any winnings without them.


This is a game of luck and skills which brings you an opportunity to enhance the game by performing an effective plan. This valuable chance will not be wasted since not many different casino games provide it. The fundamental strategy does not warrant that the gamblers will win each specific hand, but it brings them many better opportunities for doing this. In this way, you can make smarter choices for your hand and enhance considerably your game. This strategy has been applied by many players in the world which demonstrates that it is valuable. 

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