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While playing Blackjack, the gamblers face many difficult situations that it is very hard to decide the best option for them. Because Blackjack is a game of skill, it is very necessary to have one trusted strategy to help you deal with a difficult hand. If you apply the moves randomly, you will be out of money quickly. At present, there are many systems and strategies which are designed specially to support the players to get over the house edge. Thus, it is easy and accessible to enhance your game because all you have to do is to learn them effectively.

At some moment throughout the game, you will expect to get two cards with a similar value. In these cases, you can split them into two new hands. If many gamblers get one pair, they automatically split it without paying attention to the up-card of the dealer or even their winning odds. However, every combination of cards in Blackjack is exclusive and it demands a various approach. The split move is very advantageous for the players if they know how to use it.

The Split Move

When you have been distributed two cards with a similar rank, you get the opportunity to split these cards into two single hands. You will treat them like two distinct hands, that means you will use a various strategy for each one of these hands. When splitting, you are asked to place a wager in which its amount is similar to your initial bet. After being distributed one card on both two hands, you play them.

Splitting Pairs In Blackjack

In most cases, if you receive another pair, you are permitted to make a similar move again which is called re-splitting. It is necessary to recognize the best approach which is applied in all various pairs because only then, you can handle these situations easily.

Strategy To Split Pairs

As already mentioned, in case you desire to enhance your winning chances and maximize all the hand, you should apply an effective strategy and use it exactly during the Blackjack game. The prerequisite thing that the players must know when getting two cards in which their rank is similar to each other is that they should deal with these combinations of cards differently. However, some pairs are very advantageous and demand to split in all cases, while the players should not split the others. Let’s look at some pairs which the players can take throughout the game and how to deal with these pairs effectively.

To control to make the best of all situations, the players should comply with one strategy and notice what is showed by the dealer.

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Best Moves For A Pair Of 2’s, 3’s, 6’s, Or 7’s

Let’s talk about the pairs of 2’s, 3’s, or 7’s first because they are played with the same strategy. It is beneficial to group and try the pairs which get a similar or identical strategy because thanks to it, you will remember them easier. If your hand has ever been any of these above pairs, two options which are the best for you to choose are to hit or split. If the up-card of the dealer is between two and seven, the players should split their pair because at this moment, the dealer’s position is weak so that it will be very advantageous for the players to perform this move.

In these cases, the players should accumulate the money as much as possible since they get good winning chances. Whenever the dealer gets an ace, a ten, a nine, or an eight, your ideal move will be hit. In case that you split your pair in these situations, any of your two new hands’ total will not be effective to defeat the hand of the dealer.

If your initial two cards are 6’s, it can be a quite disadvantageous way to begin the Blackjack game because you can go bust highly, as long as you hit. The strategy of this pair demands a similar approach for the remaining of these pairs, excluding the cases that the dealer gets a seven as next, you should hit. You should not split in this case because you can end along with two low-powered hands.


Best Moves For A Pair Of 4’s

If you get two 4’s cards, one of the best moves for you to make is that splitting, but only with two cases. If the up-card of the dealer is a six or a five, it will be best to split this pair and create two new hands. By using the move split, you will get an opportunity to create a beneficial situation that you might double down. With the remaining cases, the move hit is better because the cards will work to bring you many advantages more than make you go bust.

Splitting Pairs in blackjack

Best Moves For A Pair Of 9’s

Besides the mentioned pairs above, if you get two 9’s cards, you should use the move split because in this case, each of your hands is a nine and this is a good start. Both two new hands have good chances to form a powerful total and defeat the dealer, especially when he is in a delicate position. If the up-card of the dealer is between two and six, an eight, or a nine, you can make the move split. However, if the dealer’s up-card is an ace, a seven, or a ten, you should stand because if you choose one of the other moves, you will end the game with losing your wager. With the move stand, you get a good opportunity to defeat the dealer or getting the hand which is similar to his to be a tie.

Rules Of Splitting In Blackjack

The rules which relate to splitting can different, relying on both the version you choose to play and the casino. In several games, the players are permitted to split each pair, but with the aces, the players can split once only. Generally, the players check all the rules which relate to an aces pair because it contains two most strong cards in the deck. Moreover, you should remember that if you control to receive blackjack as an outcome of splitting aces, it is referred to as any other combination in which its total is 21. The payout of these situations is even money that is different from the common 3/2 for blackjack.

Occasionally, it is allowed to double down following splitting but occasionally, it is not. If it is not allowed, the house edge is raised around 0,12%. You need to check all the rules of any version you intend to play foremost so that you might change your strategy accurately. All the rules of re-splitting can vary in each casino. In several games, you get the opportunity to re-split the pairs any time you want, while in the others, you can be limited.

About re-splitting aces, you should remember that some versions do not provide this option for you.


Blackjack is very interesting to play and this game provides you the chance to affect the result of each hand by applying a strategy. During the game, you can receive one of the combinations of the cards in which is two cards with a similar value. Although there are a lot of pairs you should split, you have to remember that there are still some pairs in which you should not use the move split. To control to deal with these situations properly, you should know the moves which are advantageous for you and best for them. 

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