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Blackjack has attracted many players throughout the world for many years because it provides simple and interesting gameplay. These days, besides the original game, you can find many various versions offered by a lot of brick and mortar casinos and also online casinos. Because this game is played all over the world, it means that it is located in different places throughout the world so the idea that Blackjack should be changed following the players’ needs has been come up.

This explains why many interesting versions have appeared because they provide players various rules and so, various experiences. Several versions have special side wagers while others change the deck number in use and change the rules a little bit. Spanish Blackjack is one of the most popular Blackjack versions and you can find this version in several casinos with the name “Spanish 21”.

Rules of Spanish Blackjack

Being the version of Blackjack, the basics of Spanish Blackjack are kept the same. The major rules along with the allocated value of the cards have no difference. Your main goal is to defeat a dealer and he is the only person who you have to beat though there are several other players on the Blackjack table. You need to form a powerful hand that its total is higher than that of the dealer. You should remember that the maximum points which you are permitted to form are 21. In case you exceed this number, you lose immediately. In Blackjack, all of the face cards (Queens, Kings, and Jacks) are valued ten points, an Ace is counted as eleven or one, and all the rest of the decks are valued the numbers written on them.

Rules of Spanish Blackjack

All of these things are the basics of Blackjack that each gambler needs to be acquainted to. Let’s move to all the differences the Spanish Blackjack has. First of all, instead of 52 cards, the Spanish Blackjack is played with a deck of cards that has 48 cards only. This is because all four tens are deleted from every deck. Second, the Spanish Blackjack is commonly played with eight or six packs of cards that are set in advance following the specification above. This rule entirely works favoring the casino and this is a huge drawback for all the players because they get many better winning opportunities if the pack gets tens.

However, to offset the losing cards and make the Spanish Blackjack more interesting and enticing, the online casinos provide many liberal features and rules. One of these rules is that if you receive a hand whose total is 21, you automatically, notwithstanding the dealer’s position. All the remaining of the Spanish Blackjack rules is:

The Payout of Spanish Blackjack

To offset all the tens which are removed from this game, the Spanish Blackjack provides various payouts for blackjack, relying on the cards that this version contains. It makes this game very enticing and interesting because it brings gamblers new chances of winning. Let’s look at the blackjack combinations that you need to form to get enough condition to gain bonus:

One extra rule of the Spanish Blackjack that works favoring the gamblers is the Super Bonus rule. In case you are very lucky to receive three 7’s in a similar suit and the up-card of the dealer is a seven, you are eligible for a big bonus. This bonus relies on the betting amount that you have bet in advance. In case you have put a wager that its amount is from $5 to $24, the bonus will be up to $1,000. In case you have bet more than $25, then the bonus can be up to $5,000. You should notice that the bonuses are not used if you have split or doubled down a pair.

Spanish Blackjack House Edge

Spanish Blackjack House Edge

In Spanish Blackjack, the tens which are removed from the decks have an important role because they enhance considerably the house edge. However, you should notice that there are different extra rules that have been designed specially to operate favoring the players. The same as the remaining versions, the house edge relies on many factors like the auto-play of the dealer and the packs engaged in this game.

Remember that the house edge is estimated, as long as the gamblers apply the basic strategy. When this game uses eight packs of cards to play and the dealer hits on soft 17, the house edge is around 0.80%. But if the dealer is asked to stand on soft 17, the house edge is 0.38% which is more profitable for the players.

When you are prohibited to re-double and the dealer hits on soft 17, the house edge is about 0.76%.


The Spanish Blackjack is the popular version of Blackjack that many players throughout the world played it. This version provides big bonuses that make it more attractive. These days, this version is provided by a lot of land-based and online casino because of its popularity to the players. The Spanish Blackjack is very worth for the players to try once but you should be acquainted with all the subtleties and rules of this version before playing.

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