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Blackjack actually is one off the famous betting games because of its excitement and challenge. Blackjack is played by so many gamblers throughout the world that leads to the appearance of many interesting versions. These days, it is probable to experience Blackjack in almost land-based and online casinos. Therefore, playing Blackjack in the present is so convenient and easy because you can freely select where, how, and when to play this card game thanks to more mobile casinos.

Many online casino provide some new chances for the gamblers so these online casinos have received so much popularity throughout these years. Thanks to these casinos, the players get the opportunity to play many interesting casino games and some exclusive online games at any time and place. Now, you don’t need to go to any land-based casino to gain more winnings. Besides that, some online casinos also offer you some progressive jackpot games. In the present, many games of skill like Blackjack also offer impressive jackpots that you get the winning opportunity by putting a side wager.


The Progressive Blackjack is very interesting thanks to the fact that this game brings the gamblers the unique chance of winning big. The major dissimilarity between the original Blackjack and progressive Blackjack is that progressive Blackjack features an enormous jackpot that increases each time somebody plays. If a gambler wins its whole amount, it will be readjusted to a pre-decided amount that increases higher until somebody has lucky again. Normally, the casinos do not force any limitations on the sum that the progressive Blackjack can reach. All punters who want to compete for progressive Blackjack are asked to put a side wager that is unconnected to their original bet.  

Progressive Blackjack Gameplay & Rules

Almost the basic things of this variation are similar to the original Blackjack. You are a competitor with a dealer and your major goal is to control to defeat the total of his hand. Your top priority is to create a hand in which its total closes to twenty-one as much as possible in order to win this game. One more way to be a winner is when the dealer goes bust, it means when he gets a total that exceeds twenty-one. Of course that if you exceed twenty-one, you immediately lose as well.


The progressive Blackjack is played along with up to eight decks of cards, relying on the rules of the casinos. The most famous version which is found in many different online casinos often uses six packs. Right at the start of each game, you will be asked to place your major wager. Then, you are distributed two face-up cards when the dealer is distributed one face-down card and one face-up card. The face-down card is called a hole card because the players cannot see it.

Similar to the original Blackjack, in the progressive Blackjack, your first option is to stand or hit. When you select hitting, you are distributed another card but when you choose to stand, your total is still similar. It is probable to split a pair or double down your bet. In the progressive Blackjack, you can make the doubling down move by putting a wager that is equal to your original bet. You also can make this move right after splitting but you are not allowed to perform this move when you get blackjack.

In this game, you are permitted to separate any two similar cards, consist of aces. However, you should notice that you are not allowed to re-splitting. You get the opportunity to make the insurance move if the dealer shows an ace. However, you are not permitted to surrender in all of the situations. About the play of the dealer, he is forced to stand on all of the 17’s by the rules.

Remember that this rule can vary on each casino so you should check these rules carefully before playing.

Progressive Blackjack Side Bet

Progressive Blackjack Side Bet

In this version, the players get the chance to win bigger by putting a side wager that is different from your first bet. You are not forced to place this wager in most cases and it depends on you to determine if you want to get the opportunity to win the progressive jackpot. Commonly, the sum that you are asked to bet for a side wager is $1. Your betting size is separated into two portions, both of them contribute to this progressive jackpot in many various ways.

Almost the sum of your side wager comes to the present jackpot and it enhances automatically its size. This explained why many progressive jackpot games feature a significant amount that increases rapidly in a short time. The other portion comes to the “seed” and it means that it contributes to the first amount that the progressive jackpot begins to build up.

In side wagers, you should notice that the payout of these bets can be different, relying on the specific casino and the variation. Because in the pack, the ace is the strongest card, it has an important role in the progressive Blackjack games. Generally, if you collect more aces in your hand, your profit will be also increased. Besides that, the payout relies on the number of aces that you get in your hand.

Almost online casinos payout 5 to 1, when you get an ace that is the lowest profit you make by putting the side wager. In case you have controlled to receive two aces, the payout is 50 to 1. It means that by putting this side wager which is up to $1, you get the chance to win $50. Three aces, notwithstanding their suit, payout 250 to 1 and four aces payout 2500 to 1.

Because your opportunities of having aces of a similar suit are lower than getting two various aces, this kind of combinations payouts more generous. When you are distributed two aces of a similar suit, you will receive $100, as long as you have placed the side wager of $1. For three aces of a similar suit, the payout is 5000 to 1 that makes the side wager is very worth to place.

If you belong to many luckiest gamblers who control to receive four aces of a similar suit, you will win the whole amount that the progressive jackpot has stored up to now.

Important Considerations

Progressive Blackjack Side Bet

If you determine to play Blackjack that has a progressive jackpot, you should consider some important things. First, the house edge is lower than 1% that is similar to the original Blackjack. Thus, your winning opportunities are the same and you also can affect the result of each hand. You can use a strategy with similar success and it will be profitable like when you play the classic game.

Besides that, you also get the opportunity to win the progressive jackpot, as long as that you put the corresponding side wager for it. In this optional wager, more punters quite doubt and avoid placing it because they think that they get no opportunity to get four aces of a similar suit. Although the truth is that it is difficult to have these four aces, you should notice that it is also possible. Let’s consider that this game is played along with six packs, you get real opportunities to get four aces at the same time. Besides that, to put the side wager you will lose up to $1, but you can win a significant amount.

The correct size of this progressive jackpot stringently relies on each casino and when it is won.


As all we have mentioned, we can say that progressive Blackjack is very thrilling and exciting for you to play. Now, you can find this game in many online casinos. Progressive Blackjack attracts many punters throughout the world because this game brings them the chance to win a big amount by playing this game. All you have to do is to place the corresponding side wager and wish for the best.

Meanwhile, you can play Blackjack normally and focus on defeating the dealer. Remember that if you desire to maximize each game, it is necessary to apply one strategy and use it during the game. On the contrary, if you decide to make any move based on your feeling, you can lose soon. 

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