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These days, many casinos provide Blackjack because this is one of the most being played games. Blackjack has been played throughout the world so, there is no surprise that Blackjack has several variations. Multi-Hand Blackjack is one of Blackjack versions and it is popular thanks to the interesting gameplay. The players can play this game in both land-based and online casino because this variation is the first one that has appeared.

The contrast between the brick and mortar game and the virtual counterpart of this game is that the players can play online this version whenever they want, while it is probable to do this when playing on an authentic blackjack table if there are still more available seats. Thus, it explains why this game is predominantly offered online. Multi-hand Blackjack also gets its own variations that its rules will be different in each casino.


Multi-Hand-Blackjack overviews

The unique difference between the original Blackjack and the Multi-hand variation is that the Multi-hand Blackjack brings the players the chance to play simultaneously more than one hand. In most cases, the players are permitted to activate a maximum of five hands at the same time. All hands are specific and each of them demands a particular approach. Because they need to be independently treated, their results will be different. For example, in case you decide to play with four hands simultaneously, it is probable to lose one of them and win three of these hands or vice versa. If one of your entire hands exceeds 21, it is removed in the game and then, you keep on playing with the remaining hands.

Commonly, the betting limitable which every table gets is different from the remaining of the Blackjack games. This is because the players play this game with many hands, they have to place more wagers so the minimum limit of the table has been decreased for the convenience of the players. Generally, Multi-Hand Blackjack is suitable for energetic players who enjoy increasing their experience by playing a game with more challenges.

In almost games, doubling down is allowed on every hand that brings you higher opportunities of increasing the number of your bets. However, when placing more bets at once, if you lose, you might end your finance faster. Besides that, when you play this game online, many card counters cannot use their system with a similar success suchlike they are in a land-based casino. The reality, the entire card counting process cannot be done online because of the virtual feature of the game.

With Multi-Hand Blackjack, you get the opportunity to put more wagers so, you can earn a higher profit if winning.

Rules Of Multi-Hand Blackjack

The primary rules of Multi-Hand Blackjack are similar to the classic game. You are a competitor with a dealer and the major goal of you is to form a hand whose value is more than that of the dealer without exceeding twenty-one. All the cards have their numeric value excluding Jacks, Queens, and Kings because they get 10 points. The Ace is differently counted because it can value like 11 or 1 point. The way an Ace will be counted is depended on you and you are allowed to change its value optionally. The online Multi-Hand Blackjack is played along with two decks of cards that are shuffled before starting each game.

When the game is starting, you are asked to determine the numbers of the hands you are going to play. Then, you have to put a wager on every hand that is not necessary to have a similar amount. Throughout the game, you are given the opportunity to rise or reduce your bets, relying on your interests. When playing, you play all your hands from the right to the left and you are asked to apply a move for each hand. In Multi-Hand Blackjack, the surrender move is not available so that you cannot choose this option.

Rules Of Multi-Hand Blackjack

You have to select whether to stand, hit, double down, split or take insurance is you get a pair. Your option should base on your initial two cards and both the dealer’s up-card. About re-splitting and splitting, it is permitted to make this move maximum of three times. However, if you get two Ace cards, you can only split them once.

The players are given the opportunity to make the doubling down move on any two first cards if they are not a 10-valued card and an Ace (called as blackjack). This is the highest combination of winning you can receive while playing. Besides that, it is probable to make the doubling down move after splitting one pair. Insurance can also be made as usual if the dealer shows an Ace. In this variation, the house edge is calculated at around 0.39%.

In Multi-Hand Blackjack, the dealer has to stand if his total is equal to or more than seventeen, notwithstanding whether the combination of him is hard or soft. In case he gets one total that is less than or equal to sixteen, he is forced to hit by the rules. The dealer is asked to draws the cards until he gets one total that is equal to or more than seventeen. In case he does not go bust, a hand of you and that of him are compared. In case that you get a blackjack hand, you are paid 3/2 and when your insurance wager wins, the payout is 3/2.

Strategy and Helpful Tips While Playing Multi-Hand Blackjack

Strategy and Helpful Tips

If you determine to try this interesting version, you can learn a suitable strategy that you have to follow during the game. If you do not follow any trusted plan, you are able to lose four or five wagers at once each time you play. In this variation, the process of the game will be very fast and in case you make decisions impulsively, you can suffer serious consequences. Nevertheless, if you get a beneficial plan, you can raise your winnings significantly. Because all hands are played individually, you can apply various strategies on each hand. In this way, you get the opportunity to realize more beneficial conclusions and decide which strategy is best for you.

If you get a hand that its total is eleven, you should double down in all cases without paying attention to the dealer’s up-card. If you receive two Ace cards or a pair of 8’s, you can maximize these cases by splitting these pairs. However, if you get one pair of 10’s or 5’s, it will be best to proceed differently. When you have one pair of 10’s, it is best to stand. When you get one pair of 5’s and the dealer totals eleven, ten, or nine, it will be best to hit and in the remaining cases, it is best to double down.

About the insurance wager, in Multi-Hand Blackjack, it is said to be unprofitable for you so, it will be best to avoid using it.


Multi-hand Blackjack is very interesting among other betting games, this game requires not only luck but also skills. Experienced players advise that while playing this variation, it will be best to apply distinct strategies for every hand. For example, you can play one hand aggressively and bet more and on another hand, you can get a conservative approach. You should notice that you are not asked to play five hands simultaneously and thus, you can play as many hands as you enjoy. 

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