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Being played by most players throughout the world, Blackjack is worthy to be one of the most exciting betting games. This game is relatively fast and uncomplicated to play. The simple rules and interesting gameplay of this game have seduced many casino enthusiasts throughout many years. This is also one of the reasons why these days Blackjack can be found easily in both land-based and online casinos. This game contains more versions that bring players the opportunity to broaden their experience while playing. Many of the variations are very favored that they are provided with the typical game by many casinos.

Blackjack is a casino game that requires skill and luck to be won. Therefore, if you apply a trusted strategy, you might influence significantly the result of each hand and enhance your winning opportunities. Blackjack relatively has a low house edge – lesser than 1%, which the players can reduce more by applying many of the ably-accepted methods for your moves.

Blackjack History

The same as other betting games, the Blackjack’s history is relatively debatable because the authentic origins of this game are still unknown. More historians trust that Blackjack has been created since the first of the 17th century. It is said to have the origins from Spanish, but throughout this time, Italian and French card games also appeared that were similar to many extent Blackjack. Although over many years, Blackjack has experienced many main changes, Blackjack which we play today still keeps similar basic and objective rules.

The Rules Of Blackjack

Blackjack is also called as Twenty-One because its major goal is to reach 21 without exceeding this number. In this game, you only strive against the dealer, although you are mostly playing on a Blackjack table along with other gamblers. To win this game, you have to create a hand in which its total is bigger than the dealer’s, but in case you exceed 21, you “go bust” (you lose your wager).

The greatest hand you might probably get in Blackjack contains two cards which its total is correctly 21 are an Ace and a card with a value of 10. This combination of winning is referred to as natural Blackjack and the payout of this combination is often 3/2. In case you get this hand, you automatically win, if the dealer does not also have a natural since in these cases the outcome is a tie, it means that all of the bets are returned. You should remember that the ratio can be different, relying on the version and the casino, so, cashbet168 highly recommends that you should check carefully the rules of each game to be safe.

One more necessary rule which each new player should be acquainted with to fully understand the game is the commanded value of the cards. Jacks, Queens, and Kings get ten points and the remaining of the cards get the point as its written number. The card which you should pay special attention to is an Ace since this card might be counted as either eleven or one. If you get an Ace, you are able to change its value following to your present needs to form a preferable total or avoid going bust.

Originally, Blackjack was played with one pack of 52 cards, but these days you can realize many variations that use 1 to 8 decks of cards. Because games that feature a deck of cards operate to support the Blackjack gamblers, mainly card counters, it can be difficult to recognize this version. The truth is that it is probable to play many variations that require specifically the minimum amount of decks, but you should note that they still have many extra rules which are disadvantageous for gamblers so that the casinos might maintain the casino profit.

The cards are distributed from one box called a shoe and the decks of cards are reshuffled after one game.

The Variations Of Blackjack

Over many years, many different variants of Blackjack have appeared since this game became so popular in many countries. With the big diversity of versions, it is probable to experience this interesting betting game in an entirely new way. All these variants have similar fundamental rules, but they provide many extra features like side bets to make Blackjack more enticing. Many of the best-famed variations are Spanish Blackjack, Atlantic City Blackjack, Perfect Pairs, Pontoon, Blackjack Switch and so on.

It is probable to try the classic Blackjack with many of the most favored versions of Blackjack at many online casino. Thanks to this, you can play Blackjack comfortably from your home without moving to a brick and mortar casino. However, before playing, it is necessary to spend your time read carefully the rules of the specific variation to be prepared fully for it.

Commonly, when playing Blackjack online, its rules are displayed clearly on the casino’s website below the specific version for players’ convenience.

How To Win In Blackjack

The best thing about Blackjack which attracts many gamblers is that it is a skill game and so, it is probable to affect the result by using a strategy. In Blackjack, many available strategies are demonstrated to operate throughout the years. One of these strategies is the basic strategy which many experienced gamblers apply. It recommends the most probable move in one specific situation by paying attention to the total of the players’ hand and the dealer’s up-card.                                  

One more worldwide strategy is the card counting which is a system that allows you to decide the payout of low value to high-value cards by following the cards on the table. More card counting systems vary to each one in their extent of difficulty. The players of all kinds, notwithstanding their playing style and gaming experience, get the opportunity to use a card counting method if they want. Many of these systems are Wong Halves, Omega II, Red Seven, K-O, Hi-Lo System and so on. 

The combination of the basic strategy and card counting is one of the best effective strategies in Blackjack.


Undoubtedly, Blackjack is a betting game that is worth to try once because it is demonstrated to be very entertaining. More players choose Blackjack since it brings them the exhilaration while playing. The fundamental rules of Blackjack are easy to grasp which makes this game perfect with all players. Blackjack is a skill game and thus, it brings the players the chance to use a trusted strategy and it helps them decrease the house edge and enhance their winning chances. 

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