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If you have ever played Blackjack, you will recognize that Blackjack is one of the most interesting betting games which will attract you by its interesting gameplay and rules. It is probable to find and play this game in most of the land-based and online casino. Blackjack is a game of skill and thus, it demands not only your luck but also your ability. To win this game for the long term, the players have to be familiar with all the moves they can perform throughout the Blackjack game and also their advantages and disadvantages.

Insurance is one of the moves that the players get in this game. Insurance is a side bet that will be very effective, but only if you make this move when suitable. To maximize it, you must be acquainted with all cases in which insurance is demonstrated to be beneficial, or else you can be lost your money if placing it.

What Is Insurance In Blackjack ?

Insurance In Blackjack is an elective move that is provided by almost the land-based and online casinos. If you want to make the insurance move, it means that you place a side bet which is put only when the dealer’s up-card is an Ace. The major goal of the insurance move is to bring the gamblers the chance to wager that the dealer gets blackjack and this method ensures their present cards. To apply the insurance move, you have to place a side bet which is half of your first bet.

If the dealer has blackjack while his concealed card is disclosed, the insurance bet wins and you will be paid following to the payout which the corresponding casino provides. The payout at each casino can vary, but you can find it easily on the table. The criterion payout of insurance is commonly 2/1 and of Blackjack – 3/2. In case that the dealer does not get blackjack, the side bet – insurance of you are lost and your hand’s result is decided as usual that is to pay attention to your hand’s total and the dealer’s cards.

The side bet insurance is a separate wager so it is independently treated.

How To Take Insurance?

After being distributed two first cards and prior to the dealer divulges his hole card, you can perform the insurance move. If the up-card of the dealer is an Ace, he will ask directly whether any players want to make the insurance move. Commonly, in almost casinos, the dealer notifies “Insurance open” and at this time, you are permitted to put the insurance wager in the appointed wagering area on the Blackjack table.


You should notice that the side bet is only offered for a limited time before the dealer notifies “Insurance closed”. As mentioned above, you get the opportunity to take insurance even if you play online Blackjack. In these cases, all punters on the online table will be asked if they would like to take insurance, beginning from the right to the left of the online room. Thanks to it, you get the chance to perform this move or reduce it which makes Blackjack similar to the brick and mortar Blackjack.

When To Take Insurance?

When To Take Insurance

The insurance move will be very effective, but only when it is applied properly. Generally, it supports the casinos and this explains why many casinos provide it. In case that you are still not certain about the cases that it is best to put the side bet, you can be lost more money and use your funds faster. There are more cases in which you should take insurance, but the most important case is that when you get blackjack. This is because the best hand you could have in Blackjack game is blackjack and in case that the dealer also gets this combination, the outcome is a tie. Thus, this game has no winner and you do not receive anything back for getting blackjack. If you make the insurance move in these cases, you can get a similar money amount to your initial bet, notwithstanding the cards of the dealer. To attain this beneficial result, you are asked to make the maximum insurance.

The insurance move has demonstrated to be effective for counters of the card because they might determine the proportion of high-value cards to low-value cards. Following the cards allows them to have a common idea of the rest of the cards in the deck. In case that in 10’s, the pack is rich, it will be the best idea to make the insurance move because the chances of the dealer to get blackjack are very high. Actually, the insurance move is referred to as one of the highest advantages for the gamblers who recognize how to use correctly card counting systems. It is advised to make the insurance move if the real count surpasses three.

Why Should Avoid Taking Insurance?

In most of the cases, a side bet works to support the casinos. In case that the up-card of the dealer is an Ace, the house edge is calculated to be about 7.39%, if the Blackjack game is played along with six cards of decks. Commonly, the dealer can have blackjack about one-third of the time that makes the side bet does not relevant in many situations.

These factors have shown that if the players do not have any trusted strategy to take insurance, you can be lost money for the long term when making the insurance move. Because Blackjack is a game of skill, it is very necessary to prepare beforehand to control reducing the house edge and avoid placing any unfavorable wagers.

Although the insurance move looks like a good chance to ensure your hand, this move has been demonstrated to be dangerous because you only win when the dealer gets blackjack, that as indicated, does not happen regularly.


The insurance move will be very effective if you are an experienced card counter or you just get blackjack in your hand. About the remaining situations, the insurance bet has been demonstrated to work favoring the casino and you can be lost money if placing it for the long term.

Therefore, it is very important to be acquainted with the situations in which maximize the insurance move because or else, you face decreasing your finance considerably without any reason. Commonly, insurance is considered to be unfavorable wager for beginners who are still not familiar with its major subtleties and usage. 

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