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As mentioned formerly, Blackjack is a game of skill which means that in case you depend only on luck, you might be lost in a long period. The result of each hand might be considerably affected if the players use exactly a basic strategy.  Choosing whether to stand or to hit is always a difficult choice, but if you recognize the major operation of these options, you can select correctly the best move in each specific situation and reduce greatly the casino profit.

Thus, it is necessary to be acquainted with these basic moves and the situations in which it would be best to use them so that you can get a finer comprehension of Blackjack. Continue reading with cashbet168 to brings much effectiveness to your hand while playing Blackjack. 

The Hit and Stand Moves

One choice which you certainly make in each Blackjack game, after placing your wager and receiving your two first cards, is whether to stand or to hit. In Blackjack, the way you draw one more card which is distributed face up to you is called hitting. You can make the move hit by tapping the Blackjack table with your finger. Most of the players often apply this move in case they get a weak hand and they try to increase its total to defeat the dealer.

Another move that you can use while playing this game is standing which means that you just finish your turn and do not draw any card. In case you select the move stand, your hand gets the total value which keeps stable and the game keeps on going accordingly. To show this move, you need to move your hand horizontally above the Blackjack table. In many cases, the gamblers select standing in case they get the total value of their hand satisfactorily or their threat of going bust is high.

The hit and stand moves take an important role in each game because, in many cases, you are asked to select one of these two moves and this option will decide the result of your hand whether it will be negative or positive. Contrary to other moves like doubling down or splitting, standing and hitting are always provided notwithstanding the casino and the variation.

It is necessary to recognize which move will be the best in every situation to decrease your losses significantly.

When To Hit

As mentioned above, you should hit in order to try to enhance your hand’s total. It is very necessary to always remember that your main goal is to reach 21 or a total which is close to this number as much as possible, without exceeding 21 since you lose immediately. Besides that, many experts in the casino field have been calculated that the average value of one hand to win is 18.5 so that to win, you do not need to get 21 points precisely.

To determine when is best to apply to hit, it is very important to consider your busting odds. For example, in case you select to hit and you get one hand in which its total is 17, your risks of busting are up to 69%, but in case the total value of your hand is lower than or equal to 11, the odds are 0%. This is because there is no card in the deck that will lead you to go over 21 and thus, you will not lose immediately.

when-to-hit in blackjack

By drawing one more card, you can enhance your hand and raise your opportunities to defeat the dealer since, at the end of each round, the player who gets the highest total is the winner. Generally, the hit move is used most in this game because it brings the players the chance to make a total with higher value by picking an extra card. However, there are also many situations which are not suitable if you use this move since it will not be effective and it will be better to avoid it.

When To Stand

Generally, you should use this move when you believe that your hand’s total is enough for you to be a winner. Because your determinations are always depended on your total and the dealer’s up-card, in case he gets a card with high value and you trust that his risks of busting are high, in these cases, the best solution is to stand. More gamblers forget that there is one more way to win Blackjack and always take on unneeded risks by drawing one more card to try to enhance their hand, but unluckily, in many cases, they get the reverse results.

When To Stand in blackjack

Following a basic strategy, there are many situations that it is best to stand, notwithstanding the dealer’s up-card. In case you get an eight and an ace or a nine and an ace, you should stand. This is because these combinations of cards are one of the best combinations that you can take in this game and so, it is impossible to enhance these hands. Commonly, in these situations, you can stand and maintain this advantageous position to take advantage of most of them. It is very necessary to recognize how to perform in these specific cases and not to play wrong these hands since they bring you big winning chances. The other move (even doubling down) will be able to put you in an unfavorable position or lead you to lose.

One more situation is best for you to stand is that in case you get a total of 12 and the dealer’s up-card is a six, a five, or a four. It is recommended to use this move in case the total of your hand is 13, 14, 15, or 16 and the dealer’s up-card is between two and six. For the remaining time of these cases, your best option is hit. Besides that, there are also two situations therein a basic strategy requires standing. The first situation is that you get a soft 18 hand and the up-card of the dealer is an eight, a seven, or a two, and the second situation is that you get a pair of 9’s and the dealer’s up-card is an ace, a seven, or a ten.

Soft 17 Rule


In this game, you get the opportunity to determine whether to stand or hit by paying attention to your hand’s total and it is probable to select to perform differently each time. However, about the dealer, he is not allowed to perform so because he has to perform following the rules which have been established. He plays automatically, which means that he has to make the moves that are decided by the game’s rules. The rule soft 17 shows him the way he has to play if he gets at least one soft 17 hand. In each casino, this rule might be different, but it is easy to guess whether the dealer hits or stands on the combinations of cards because it is commonly displayed on the Blackjack table with the payout.

Because this rule influences the house edge significantly, it is very necessary to know beforehand whether the dealer must be to stand or hit on soft 17. In many cases, the dealer is required to stand on more than or equal to 17 and he has to hit on lesser than or equal to 16 that operates to support the casino. Therefore, you should find out variations that allow the dealer to hit on soft 17 because it increases the dealer’s risk of busting. It is essential to take into account it in advance since thanks to it, you can change suitably your basic strategy and make the best moves.

If you desire to be a stable winner, you should comply with one basic strategy which supports you to create the best options on the Blackjack table.


If you can recognize when to stand or when to hit, you can enhance your game significantly and raise your winning chances. Because Blackjack is one of the casino games with a low house edge, so if you use correctly a basic strategy, you can enhance the result of each hand to a great extent and consistently win. If you desire to make the greatest move, knowing the Blackjack’s rules and paying attention to your hand’s total are not enough. Therefore, it will be better if you consider your winning odds in any specific situation and the dealer’s up-card because they have an important role in the result of the hand.

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