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Blackjack – one of the most interesting betting games which are provided by many land-based and online casino throughout the world. Over the years, more experts in this game have organized many extensive surveys to find out its roots. The origins of each famous betting game are often extremely discussed and debated since there is usually further than one debatable theory that causes rise to more questions. At present, Blackjack still has no difference and its real origins are unknown. Cashbet168 will inform many of the most general facts and beliefs about Blackjack history.

The Origins of Blackjack

As mentioned above, the authentic origins of Blackjack are difficult to be decided. The origins of Blackjack is considered that in the aged times, the Romans played one game that was similar to many extent Blackjack. More various card games in the past were created in different parts of the world and so, they have probably affected each other. The first written Blackjack evidence might be elicited in a brief story which was written by well-known writer Miguel de Cervantes in Spanish in the first of the 1600s. The game which was mentioned in this story was called “Ventiuna” is 21 in Spanish. This explains why more historians suppose that Blackjack was created in the 17th century when the Spanish game was invented.

Blackjack is said to relate to other famous games such as the Italian Seven and a Half and the French Vingt-et-un as well. The Seven and a Half is considered to be similar to Blackjack since its major aim was to create a hand that the total value of this hand was close to 7 ½ as much as possible. In case gamblers surpassed this amount, they “busted” which is similar to Blackjack in the present.

However, the French Vingt-et-un game means twenty-one. During the 1600s, this game was offered in most casinos in French and its major aim was to get a hand close to 21 as possible without surpassing it. The name Blackjack is believed to be originated from this game, especially from the top hand which was an Ace and a Jack.

Between the Vingt-et-un and Blackjack, there is a difference that is in the Vingt-et-un game, the players were required to place their wagers after each round and the dealer was the one who only had the ability to double down.

Blackjack Evolution

Then, in the 1800s, more Blackjack variations were in America, though at that time gambling was forbidden. Maybe because of the vast attraction of them, the first territory which legitimated gambling was the State of Nevada. Many casinos rapidly became popular since some of them provided an exclusive reward for a combination of “natural” card.In case the gamblers had the most powerful hand that contained one of two black Jacks and an Ace, they were paid 10/1. When the time flies, this game became one of the most interesting and played games which brought the casinos the chance to use the vast interest and delete this advantageous payout. In the present, almost Blackjack games offer 3/2 when the players have this fortunate combination.

Blackjack has been developed significantly throughout the years. Therefore, there is no astonishment that it has many fascinating variations. All these variations provide for the players the opportunity to vary their experience while playing Blackjack and enjoy new qualities and extra rules that theses versions have. Many casinos changed the game follows to the players’ demand and made sure that all gamblers, including the various experience and betting preferences, could play. The players were probably to find different tables that provided various betting limits, so Blackjack became appropriate for each player.

History of Blackjack Strategies

Blackjack is a game of card, so more people began to doubt that its result can be affected by a trusted strategy. Many of the primary people who attempt to decide the pattern Blackjack follows were Julian Braun and John Scarne who are mathematicians. They gain a reputation for more Blackjack strategies that are applied till today. Their hypothesizes have contributed highly to the growth of many basic and advanced strategies. They demonstrated that it is probable to get worthful information from the pattern Blackjack follows and create wiser moves. Then, Blackjack was different more since more gamblers began to find a way to enhance their game. They studied how to create better betting moves and choices, relying on the complete value of their hand. And in fact, more players tried to reduce the house edge and become the winner more.

Therefore, the casinos needed to impose one countermeasure to make Blackjack work again in their favor. The number of decks was raised many times to try to stop the players from gaining benefits. Originally, Blackjack was played just with one pack of cards, but these days, it might be difficult to find out this version. Almost casinos provide this game that uses 6 or 8 decks.

History of Card Counting

Card counting is one of the most popular strategies in the present. This strategy is applied by many players in the world who try to enhance their game and reduce the house edge. The card counting strategy was made by Edward Thorp (a mathematician) and it operates best when be applied with the basic strategy. Its rule is quite simple – it offers worthful information about the payout of the cards and it guesses to some level whether the following cards would have a low or high value.

Thus, the gamblers can take advantage of this information to place wiser bets. For example, if the gamblers recognize that there will be more cards with high value in the decks, they might place higher amounts for their wagers since the opportunities that they will have a powerful hand are perfect. Thanks to it, the players get the opportunity to receive advantage and control to reach the wanted win.

Over the years, many card counting strategies have been evolved so all players can grasp it.


The authentic Blackjack history is greatly debated since it is the same as other aged card games in Spain, Italy, and France. When it first launched, Blackjack has faced many main changes and developed considerably. These days, many interesting variations are offered in both land-based and online casino. Blackjack requires both skills and lucks which explains why over many years, more strategies have been made. With these strategies, the players can receive advantages against the house edge and be constant winners in long terms. Cashbet168 hopes that this information will make you enjoy Blackjack better. Thanks for reading!

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