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No more doubts, European Blackjack belongs to top famous and played Blackjack variations that might be found in many casinos. The European Blackjack has become so famous that it is seemed to be as popular as the original game.

Because this variation was played predominantly in many casinos in Europe, its name was created. However, these days, the European Blackjack is not limited to Europe only because it is provided throughout the world.

Rules Of European Blackjack

Rules Of European Blackjack

This variation has similar basic rules to the original game. It means that you have to emulate against the dealer only and that your goal is to create a total that is close to 21 as much as possible, without exceeding this value. The assigned cards’ value is still the same, all the face cards get ten points, Aces are valued as eleven or one and the remaining of the cards get the value which is the number written on the card.

In this version, if the dealer and you get blackjack, the outcome is a Push which means that there is no winner. The rules force the dealer to stand on soft 17 and when he gets blackjack, it defeats any other combinations of winning. The European Blackjack is not a Hole card game, meaning that blackjack is not peeked by the dealer. Any rules which relate to doubling down, you can make this move on the hands which total value of them is ten, nine, or eleven.

Splitting is permitted once only and it is probable to split 10-valued cards only that are similar. For example, you can separate a pair of Jacks, but you can’t perform the splitting move when you get a Queen and a Ten. Separating Aces is allowed too, but unlike other variations, in these cases, you might get some cards on each hand. However, when you are distributed one 10-valued card, your hand is not considered as blackjack but 21 and thus, the payout is different. You must not to surrender and double down after separating because they are not allowed. Re-splitting is forbidden in the European Blackjack.

The typical Blackjack payout also uses here and you are paid 3/2 for the combination of winning. In the European Blackjack, you can put an insurance bet that pays 2/1. The insurance bet is made if the dealer’s up-card is an Ace. The remaining winning hands pay even money. The payout is commonly decided by the casinos and thus, it will be different, relying on where you play. The European Blackjack is quite profitable for the gamblers because the house edge is lower than 1%.

This version uses 2 packs to play, though it is probable to find out casinos that play with up to 6 decks of cards. Generally, checking the rules twice beforehand is a good method to be sure they are profitable enough.


First, you have to put the betting amount you want in the wagering area, commonly placed in front of you in the table. Before playing, you need to take a look at the table limitations and only participate in the game when they are suitable for your finance. After placing your bet, you get your initial two face-up cards. It is probable to see one of the cards of the dealer only because it is distributed face up.

The next stage requires you to determine which move to perform. You might either hit or stand and if permitted and appropriate, you can split or double down a pair. Prior to playing, it is always best to learn strategies, notwithstanding the version you are playing because it can help you control to perform the best probable move in a specific case and decrease considerably your money losses.

Strategy For European Blackjack


Blackjack is a game of skill, it means that it requires both luck and a strategy. You can affect the result of each hand by applying correctly a strategy. The same also uses for all variations of Blackjack, including the European one. Learning a strategy and use it during the game is very necessary if you really want to maximize each game and reduce the house edge. To start, let’s look at several beneficial tips that are proven to work by the time.

Many experts of the gambling industry advise that the players should use the doubling down move when they get two cards of 5’s, or an eleven and a ten and the up-card of the dealer is between two and nine. You should perform this move when you get a twelve and when the dealer’s up-card is from two to six. The common rule relating to double down is that the players should make this move whenever the dealer is in a weak position because, in these situations, the players get higher winning opportunities. More skillful gamblers try to maximize the result of these cases to offset their losses.

When you have one pair of Aces, splitting them is best, without considering the dealer’s up-card because this move is suitable in all cases. About the insurance wager which is probable to put, in common it is said to be quite unprofitable for gamblers. Because this version uses two packs to play, the house edge of this wager is increased significantly and thus, avoiding it is better.

Playing European Blackjack Online 

Playing Online European Blackjack

Playing online European Blackjack provides many advantages. First, you will be played this interesting game from your home, without going to any land-based casinos. Besides that, almost online casinos bring their customers the opportunities to play for free that is a big chance to play the game for fun only, without threatening your finance. Moreover, several online casinos provide European blackjack with a live dealer in real-time. Thanks to it, you will receive a real experience of this game and play it unlike before.

When playing this game online, several rules which are mentioned above can be different and therefore, you should always check them carefully in advance. For example, the deck of online European Blackjack is commonly shuffled before the distribution of the cards.

Many specific rules of this game rely on both the software provider and the casino that provides the version.

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The European Blackjack is quite fast that contains both entertaining and challenge. The entertainment the game provides attracts many players throughout the world. These days, the European Blackjack might be found in most of the casinos. It is certainly worthy to try, but before playing, let’s take a look at its gameplay and rules to know clearly about it.

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