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Blackjack actually is an engaging betting game that its rules are simple and easy to grasp. Blackjack is one of the card games that is played most because it provides the gamblers the opportunity to affect the result by using a strategy. To control to perform their selected strategy effectively, Blackjack fans should be familiar with the probable moves they make throughout the game.

The option of whether to stand, hit, split, or double down will be very difficult, especially when you do not know the advantages and disadvantages these moves have. Doubling down in this game is the chance that Blackjack provides because this move will be so beneficial if being applied exactly. Because this is one of the primary moves that can be used, it is important to be acquainted with all cases in which applying this move brings the best results to control to create more profit.



The doubling down move is very interesting that the players can make it throughout the game. With this move, the players can double their initial bet that brings them the chance to win further money. To show the doubling down move, you have to place the additional wager next to your original wager, outside the chosen betting area and indicate the amount by one finger. After being distributed your initial two cards, you get another card. The extra betting amount might be set differently in each casino.

Many games permit half of your amount of the original wager to be put, while others demand the full amount to be placed. Although the amount, that must be placed, is unstable, you should notice that this bet can’t surpass the initial wager under any conditions. The rules which relate to the doubling down move can different, relying on the specific version of Blackjack and also the casino. Many casinos permit this move on any two cards, even though others have unstable limitations. Therefore, it is necessary to check carefully the rules beforehand to prepare all the probable cases which can happen.

Best Situation for Doubling Down

The doubling down move will be very profitable, but only when you know when is suitable to apply it. The truth is that whether one specific hand will lose or win can not be guessed because Blackjack is a betting game, it is probable to affect its result to a big extent by using a primary strategy. The basic strategy consists of useful information about the best cases to make a specific move, also double down.

The players should determine whether doubling down or not by paying attention to the dealer’s up-card and your hand’s total. Commonly, it is highly recommended to perform this move when the dealer is in an unprofitable position. If he gets low-valued cards, you get a good opportunity to win. Therefore, it is very important to take all the most of these cases. For instance, in case that you get a sum of eight or A-2 in your hand and the dealer’s up-card is six or five, it will be best to apply the doubling down move. It is very necessary to be acquainted with all the best situations to use this move because you can win more money to offset all you have lost thanks to the doubling down move.


Doubling Down a Pair of 5’s

Commonly, if the gamblers receive two cards that are in a similar rank, they determine to split these cards to make two new hands and this method enhances their winning opportunities. In most situations, it will be best to do so, but there are some exceptions which you should consider. One of the exceptions is when you receive a pair of 5’s and the dealer’s up-card is from two to seven because at this time you should avoid splitting and use doubling down. 

Although a pair of 5’s makes a very reasonable total, if you split them, they can not make two powerful hands. In fact, if you separate this pair, you will get the reverse effect because you will stop with two hands which its winning chances are quite low. This explains why you should apply the doubling down move because the dealer is in a low-power position and you gain the good odds. It is very necessary to maximize these profitable situations because they provide valuable chances which you should not miss.

Rule Variations of Doubling Down

As mentioned above, the rules of the doubling down move harshly rely on the casino and the specific version of Blackjack. Each change of the rules, both an unimportant one, also has a big influence on the casino profit. Therefore, you have to notice when you can and when you can’t double down because it decides your opportunities for earning a profit.

For example, if after splitting, the doubling down move is permitted, the casino profit is decreased around 0.14%. In case that you are allowed to use this move on 11’s and 10’s only, as long as Blackjack game is played along with six decks, the way this operates enhances the house edge to 0.61%. Let’s look at a similar situation but in this case, Blackjack is played with two decks, instead of six packs of cards – the house edge rises to about 0.26%.

If you are permitted to apply the doubling down move whenever you want, this rule operates to support you and it reduces the house edge to 0.62%.


Blackjack is one of the betting games that demands both luck and skills. Thus, the last result of each hand can be affected considerably. By using a trusted strategy, you can enhance your winning chances drastically, but there is no 100% guarantee that a specific hand will become a winning hand. The doubling down move is often applied by many players who enjoy increasing their level of adrenaline and excitement.

It will be a very profitable move because it provides the players the chance to enhance their original bet considerably. However, to maximize this move, it is very necessary to be acquainted with all cases in which you get the highest winning chances. Or else, you will get the reverse effect and you will lose your money instead of increasing your profit. 

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