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Blackjack has been played most at both land-based and online casino thanks to the excitement and attraction of this game. Atlantic City belongs to the top favored destinations of the gambling industry because it provides players the opportunity to play in many world-class casinos. Although you are going to have a week’s holiday or a day trip, you will be experienced high levels of excitement and entertainment.

This famous place provides an interesting Blackjack variationAtlantic City Blackjack. After the game was played first time in casinos which were located in Atlantic City, this city was chosen to be the name of the game. Atlantic City Blackjack has become a famous version because it has many challenges and excitement like the original game.

Atlantic City Blackjack

Rules Of Atlantic City Blackjack

In Atlantic City, if any casino desires to change one of the rules, the request needs to be admitted by the New Jersey Casino Control Commission. Therefore, more casinos enjoy using similar basic rules because it will be more complex to change these rules. Most of the basic rules of this version are similar to the original game. The players are competitors with a dealer who symbolizes the corresponding casino. The major objective is to create a hand in which its total closes to 21 as much as possible and defeat the dealer. If the players exceed this value, they go bust and lose immediately.

This Blackjack version uses 8 decks of cards to play instead of 4 packs as usual. Right at the start of Atlantic City Blackjack, the dealer gets two cards with one face-down card and one face-up card. This is a hole card game and it means that the dealer has to peek for blackjack. For example, in case he gets a 10-valued card or an Ace, he then checks the other card of him. If he actually gets blackjack, the players lose all their wagers and the game ends. Generally, the hole card games help the players avoid losing much money because they will not place big wagers while the dealer seems to win.

In Atlantic Blackjack, after the players get their initial two cards, they are permitted to make the doubling down move on any of these two cards and they can also do this after separating. It is probable to separate one pair three times and create up to four hands. All of 10-valued cards, notwithstanding their suit, might be split too. However, there also is an exception relating to Aces because they can be separated for once only. If the players accidentally split two Aces cards, they are handled just one card.

The players should notice that when they separate an Ace and next they receive a 10-value card, instead of blackjack, this hand is said to be 21. The dealer is forced to stand on soft 17 by the rules and the payout is 3/2 or 6/5, relying on the corresponding casino. Other combinations of winning payout even money, similar to the original Blackjack. Insurance is an option that is offered in Atlantic City Blackjack and it can only be placed when the dealer gets an Ace. This side wager pays out 2/1 in almost situations.

It is probable to play Atlantic Blackjack with one single-hand or one multi-hand.

Late Surrender in Atlantic City Blackjack

One thing which makes Atlantic City Blackjack different from the original game is that the late surrender move is permitted in this version. The late surrender move provides the players the chance to withdraw their present hand after being checked for blackjack by the dealer. In these cases, the players lose only half of their first bet and keep the remaining of their wager without playing. However, when the dealer gets a natural blackjack, the players can’t surrender and thus, their initial bet will be lost completely.

In Atlantic City, many casinos provide the late surrender move, but it is not displayed regularly in a visible place because it has been proven to be profitable for the gamblers. Generally, the late surrender move is less beneficial than the early surrender move because it doesn’t reduce the house edge much. However, when the players know when to make the most of the late surrender move, it will be very advantageous for them. To make clear the use of the late surrender move better, let’s take a look at several of the cases that it will be best to use it. For example, if the hand of the players totals 16 or 15 and the dealer’s up-card is 11, 10, or 9, a good idea is to surrender. The identical also comes for the situations when the players’ hand totals 17 and the dealer gets an Ace.

Helpful Tips

In case that you are distributed two Ace cards, you should always split these two cards because after splitting, you will form two powerful hands. Different to two Ace cards, if you receive two 10’s cards, it will be better to stand, notwithstanding the dealer’s up-card. About late surrender, although this move will be profitable in several situations, it is necessary to perform this move whenever it is certainly needed. Another available choice is insurance, but in almost situations, placing this wager works supporting the casino. The house edge of it is about 8% that makes it unprofitable highly. However, it will be a good option for many card counters, as long as they can decide the ratio of high-value cards to low-value cards.

Generally, it will be best if you follow and adhere to a basic strategy during the entire game. A similar rule uses while enjoying Atlantic City Blackjack. To win and maximize each game, the players should prepare for themselves beforehand and get acquainted with the basic rules. It is necessary to get one money management system because, without it, the players cannot maintain their winnings.

Online Atlantic City Blackjack

During many years, this version has gained significantly much popularity, these days, the players can play this version online. With the support of Microgaming – one of the most well-known software providers, the players throughout the world can play this interesting version right at their home. Many online casinos have cooperated with Microgaming company to provide many best-quality games.

The players now do not need to go to any brick and mortar casino to play Atlantic City Blackjack and this is a big advantage. Online Atlantic City Blackjack gets many exclusive features and realistic design. Furthermore, several online casinos provide Atlantic City Blackjack with a live dealer that brings the players the opportunity to play this game the same as they were in a land-based casino. The players will be seen all the actions of this game because they are allowed to see the cards’ distribution in real-time with the live streaming video.

In the present, this variation has not been exclusive to players in Atlantic City because many famous online casinos also provide Atlantic City Blackjack.


Atlantic City Blackjack belongs to the topmost played versions. The basic rules of this game are not different from the original game, but it still has many exclusive features and subtleties that make the game more challenges and excitements. Atlantic City Blackjack can be found easily in all land-based casinos in Atlantic City and online casinos. It is depended on the players to determine the way to play this game that is most appropriate for them. 

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