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How To Play Big Red Slots Game At 918kiss?

What Is Big Red?

Big Red is a popular slots game from Aristocrat. The game is highly volatile, the fun from free slots games for the winners. The Big Red payout rate at 918kiss is very high, much higher than that of many other online casinos in Singapore.

Besides the high volatility is this: if the player wins the player can either get more cash or the player loses the entire bet. In many countries, the Big Red game appeared and brought success to many casinos. And when the 918kiss delivers, it has the potential to give players victory, the game scene is also an unforgettable experience.

Overview Of Big Red slots Features at 918kiss

Big Red is based on the context of the Australian countryside. Players participating in betting can easily distinguish the life scene and the new features of the outback. Big Red Slot can be wagered on land or online. Many icons in the game are based on animals appearing in Australia such as kangaroos, trees, crocodiles or boars, … among many other factors.

Big Red Slot possesses graphics, sharp images and in addition to that the player’s betting visualization. The cleverly complementing sound effects mixed with many visuals keep the player hooked and start betting. The pace of the game increases with each win, and the player’s betting level at 918kiss becomes higher and more nervous.

Big Red Slot is fast-paced, so players need to have a high level of concentration. Combined with the betting scene, it is confident that players will be addicted. Under any circumstances at 918kiss, if players pay in full they will be allowed to continue the game.

How To Play Big Red Slot At 918kiss

Big Red at 918kiss Singapore is a slots game that pays quite high compared to many other slots games. When registering bets at 918kiss 5 and participating in Big Red Slot, players have a chance of receiving up to 97.4% payout. High payouts combined with great stakes, ensure Big Red Slot gives you lots of stakes. This game can now be wagered with both real money as well as free credits in the online version.

Big Red Slot has a total of 5 rolls with 3 symbols on each roll. Each player is betting a minimum of 20 credits with the number of lines the player wants to bet. The 918kiss Singapore casino app provides a minimum bet on this game to be 1 cent or 1 SGD. If a player wins, the amount received is multiplied by the number of credits times the line bet the player placed on the reel.

This works for most payments, except for change. And it will be paid in line bet format multiplied by the total number of lines played.

Big Red slots Bonus Round

Big Red Slot game rewards depend on the type of win. Scatter wins, wild wins or free spins. If a player comes across the tree icon is scatter and can appear on any scroll that is active. If a Wild symbol is encountered, it is represented by the Kangaroo and appears only on the second, third or fourth reel.

Note that the Kangaroo logo can replace any other symbol in the game, except the scatter symbol to increase the player’s chances of winning combination combinations.

When the free spins in Big Red Slot are activated, there are 1 or more wild Kangaroos on the way to pay the winnings. This award gives players 5 free spins. Players can enjoy a 2x multiplier in those free times. Double your player’s winnings. If the player wants to reactivate can land with debris in the rotation. With this feature, the player has a great chance of winning. Enabling the feature multiple times can give the player up to 255 free spins.

In the event that a player encounters a scattering of spins, up to 5 other free games will be added to the player’s tally table. The scorer pays the player the number of credits multiplied by the line bet amount. In this rollback feature, scattering players can very much benefit the player.


With many of the other online casino in Singapore, 918kiss just can’t be better for those who love to play slots. Not only Big Red, but the rest of the slot games are also attractive and have high stakes.

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