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Baccarat also has four different variants: EZ Baccrat, Super Six Baccarat, Chemin de Fer, Three Card Baccarat. Moreover, unlike other betting games, Baccarat has two tables, Big Table Baccarat and Mini Table Baccarat.

Types of Baccarat

Types of Baccarat

Over the years, Baccarat has traveled to many parts of the world and to suit players in different places, Baccarat has different variants, and besides its outstanding features.

It has been around for a decade, this is the most used variation in Las Vegas casinos. Compared to the traditional variant, this one is full of interesting and great attraction. Currently this version has appeared on online channels and there are new updated versions, players are very fond of betting on this version.

The reason this bet type is called Super Six is because it comes from the player’s 6-point bets. This type of wager has a payout of between 12 and. If EZ Baccarat is well known in the US then Six Baccarat is well known in the UK.

Compared to other versions, this is a not very prominent version, it is not popular on both online and offline. For this version, each bet becomes a “banker”, and goes on replacing each other in order. Therefore, between Player and Banker is not acceptable. Players can choose to be a Player or Banker depending on their personal preferences. This variant still exists today probably because of the interesting interest it possesses. The rules are public, and many game strategies are born. And the rules are not as strict as other variations. Moreover, players can freely choose at will if they feel the pressure when making Banker.

The player who owns all three cards then he or she is in the game. In the case of Tie, the player who has more cards then he or she wins. The remaining betting activities remain in the original form.

The idea of ​​this variation comes from the bank staff deciding to exist 3 cards. And the combination of 3 sided cards owns more money in casinos. However, players need to know that owning a 3-sided card is effective when you know how to play and have specific Baccarat strategies. 

Baccarat Has Two Kinds Of Tables You Need To Know 

Big Table Baccarat : 

Usually the old nobility or players participating in high-class betting will use money to buy this type baccarat. It is bought and sold in the higher segment, not everyone is able to buy to serve the needs of playing.

This game is still based on the traditional characteristics of Baccarat, the number of players participating ranges from 12 to 14 players. In the event that some players do not want to bet on the bet, the opportunity will be ignored for others to bet. The 3rd card number is provided based on the number of points and results of the game according to the dealer observed and the total counted. Eventually the agent will announce the winning result, pay the amount and collect money from the losers.

Big Table Baccarat

Mini Baccarat :

The small board also has the same rules as the big board and players must have a card in their hand when joining. And the playing time on this board is shorter. Mini Baccarat is run with 6t top standard shoes and the odd numbers are changed a little to become more suitable in each situation. In the central areas Mini Baccarat is regularly appearing.

In addition, players should know Midi Baccarat, this is a small variation of Mini Baccarat. The distinction is noticeable in the board and it is much better than the Mini version and it is located in the better prepared rooms.

Mini Baccarat