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Besides other interesting games like Blackjack, Catte, Baccarat is one of the card games that many players love. Let Cashbet168.com learn in detail how to play Baccarat at Cashbet168!

Baccarat Games

How To Play Baccarat Game At Online Casino Singapore

Baccarat game has simple rules, high odds of winning, suitable for those who love speed, do not need to think too much. So most bookmakers offer Baccarat betting, the number of players participating in this game is increasing, and Cashbet168 is also one of those bookmakers.

When playing Baccarat, Dealer uses about 4-8 decks of 52 cards. Players only need to choose to place the following bets:

Dealer will split 3 cards for Player and Banker. Players must bet on one of the three hands above. If the door has a higher score, it will win, the lower one loses, and the same point will tie.

Calculation Points Of Baccarat Game Card

In case the sum of the points the card dealer has divided by you over 19, you have to subtract the total score from 10. Example: you have cards K and 9, the total score is 19. Then your Baccarat score is 19 -10 = 9.

Card Withdrawal Convention When Playing Baccarat Online

In game 1, Dealer dealt 2 cards to Player and Banker respectively. Then, each side has to calculate points from these 2 cards and determine the eligibility to continue drawing or not.



The Banker is only eligible to draw a 3rd card depending on the total score of the first 2 cards and the Player’s points. Cases where Banker withdraws cards are as follows:

If the Player cannot draw the 3rd card

If the Player is allowed to draw a 3rd card


Playing Baccarat is simple and fun, isn’t it? Just need to know the rules of the game, how to calculate points and how to draw cards, you can easily win fast. Visit Cashbet168 now and not miss the chance to bet on this exciting game!