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1×2 Betting – Experience Betting 1×2 At Online Bookmakers

1×2 Betting is one of the types of odds that many players participate Online Football Betting in Singapore. Betting 1×2 is a favorite because it is easier to play, easier to predict and easier to choose than Asian Handicap. In the following article, Cashbet168.com will introduce 1×2 Betting and some experience play 1×2 Betting.

What Is 1×2 Betting?

1×2 Betting is a bookmakers odds that gives 3 results equal to 3 choices, including: Home, Away, Draw.

1: Home win represents the winner.

X: Represents the Draw result option

2: represents the Away win.

The reason 1×2 Betting is loved by many players is because they do not need too much skill in the matchmaking. 1×2 Betting does not depend on the match score like Handicap, the total number of goals like Under / Over. Players only need to predict which team wins, who loses and which team draws.

Since there are 3 options, if you place a bet, the player will have a 33.33% win rate. When playing 1×2 Betting, players can bet on full time, H1 and Running bets.

Bookmakers providing odds to players is based on specific analysis. When betting on strong teams the odds of winning 1×2 Betting are quite low. This is one reason why some players do not like it.

How to calculate profit when participating in 1×2 Betting:

To calculate the profit when participating in 1×2 Betting is very simple, the player only needs to multiply the bet amount by the odds of his selection.

Experience Of Participating In 1×2 Betting

Betting 1×2 has simple rules, players are easy to be trapped mentally. Therefore, players need to master some of the following information to firmly grasp the win:

  • Handicap Odds: Players should rely on predictions from Gobetsg’s Handicap or bookmakers to place a 1×2 Betting bet. Because Asian Handicap will provide players with an objective view, assess the relationship between the two teams. From there, the player will easily make a decision.
  • Odds: This ratio shows that when the odds are lower, that team gets the higher rating.
  • Players must pay attention to other factors such as team performance, coaches, players’ situation, conditions of the field, …
  • Bookmakers often use a trick: given the odds for the Away team at high odds, players will bet a lot of money on this team. However, that is a psychological trap, seducing players. And of course it does not really bring good rewards as players mistakenly believe.
  • Bet Time: Players should bet 3 to 5 days before the match. Because of this time the odds are relatively standard, not much influenced by bookmakers.
  • Once a player has made a bet, they should be consistent, mentally stable with their own decisions.

Players do not forget that bookmakers like King855 or W88 owns a team of leading football experts. Therefore, they are very knowledgeable in the field and have good analytical abilities. Their comments on their bets are relatively accurate.

Note that when placing a bet, players need to practice and maintain their mentality to avoid being seduced by the bookmakers. Since then, make judgment and careful calculation before placing a bet.

When participating in 1×2, the player must grasp the match quickly. The likelihood of winning or losing is usually determined in the First Half. In addition, the teams that usually take the goal in the first 45 minutes are usually the team that wins the overall.

So when participating in 1×2 , it is best to choose First Half. Players can try it out today to get the best results!


Cashbet168 hopes that the 1×2 Betting information will help players understand more about odd. Based on the acquired knowledge, the player will make the correct choice. Cashbet168 in addition to offers 1×2 Betting has many other odds, players can come to experience and choose. Cashbet168 wishes you luck!