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Introducing the bookmaker 188Bet

188BET is the leading online bookmaker in Asia. Providing sports betting products, online casino, lottery … was born in 2006 and owned by Cube Limited, United Kingdom. 188BET Officially entered the Asia betting market in 2010 and is always appreciated for the quality of products, staff and many leading experts in the field of betting around the world. With the aim “For the benefit of betting players” put first, 188Bet always brings the best experience to players through rich and diverse online betting subjects. 188Bet is also known as a “playable” bookmaker when sponsoring a series of teams in major tournaments, including two clubs in the “Big Six” of the English Premier League, Liverpool and Manchester City.

With the prestige and quality that has been confirmed, the 188Bet bookmaker is always in the top of the bookmaker with the most betting participants.

The advantages of 188Bet

Types of bets on 188Bet

With the strength of football betting, 188bet always offers many bets for you to choose from. There are almost every tournament in the world, from the top 5 leagues to international friendlies, even youth tournaments. But football is not the only sport that you can bet on at 188Bet. Players can also bet on other sports such as basketball, rugby, baseball, tennis, boxing, MMA, cricket, racing, golf, handball, rugby, hockey, snooker and more. even esports (E-sport).

Online casino is also a strength of 188Bet. When coming here, you will be immersed in the entertainment space with a full range of gambling games such as Poker, Baccarat, BlackJack, Roulette…. In addition, 188Bet also has many of the most attractive slot games and lottery games available today.

In addition the name 188bet, this bookmaker is also known by many other names such as 188, bet188 asia, bet88…

Fast and secure deposit/withdrawal transaction

An outstanding strength of 188Bet is that the deposit/withdrawal process is extremely fast and convenient. Transaction methods at 188Bet are also extremely diverse. Currently, they have cooperated with many big banks  to help you choose the most favorable options for you.

The process of depositing money into 188Bet account is very quick, only 5 minutes after receiving the deposit order, the money is already in the account. There are many forms such as: SMS transfer, Internet banking, direct transaction at the bank, or transfer via ATM. Providing a variety of trading methods helps players have the easiest and most convenient experience. The operation of withdrawing winnings is also extremely easy, the time for the money to be returned to the account is also dizzyingly fast. Within 2 hours from the time you enter the withdrawal order, the money is in your bank account and you just have to enjoy your winnings.

Security is also something that many gamblers pay attention to. With a team of international IT experts, 188Bet is always at the front of security. Customer transaction information is always encrypted to avoid the risk of hackers. Always try to limit the risks to help customers rest assured to bet.

188Bet staff support customers 24/7

Over 10 years of operation and development in Asia, 188Bet has known the needs of customers in this potential market. With the aim all for the benefit of the players, has built a team of well-trained Asia support staff. Customers can chat directly on the Website or call or email the support staff at any time, including holidays. The staff is always there to answer any of your questions/complaints as quickly as possible.

Conclusion about 188Bet

With all the outstanding advantages of prestige, service quality and security, 188BET is always proud to be in the Top of the world’s leading bookmakers. Not only that, always trying to change and improve to bring the best experience for players.