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10 Biggest Countries Which Have The Biggest Online Gambling In The World

Considered one of the biggest industries in the world, online gambling is one of the best industries that bring the huge revenues for many worth over $500 billion and still increasing. 

This means that online casinos are growing rapidly and attracting a large number of players with suitable marketing strategies. In order to meet the rapidly increasing demand of players,legal casino appear massively around the world. In this context, there have been many merger, selling and acquisition companies in recent years that have created allied online gambling organizations to come up with strategies to promote business in new areas. These industries have become a global force.

This article will show you the ranking of 10 countries which have the biggest online gambling in the world. Let’s check it!

Ranking of The Biggest Betting Countries In The World1

10 Biggest Countries Which Have The Biggest Online Gambling In The World

1. United Kingdom

According to Mark D. Griffiths – a lead expert in online casino field research, the number of players in the Uk is ranked no.1. This expert considered that there are many players under 21 years old who participate in this industry. The three combined nations: Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England have the highest percentage with 65% of gamblers in the online casino market. 

According to statistics of Cashbet168 which is one of the famous online casinos from Gambling Commission, the sum of gambling revenue in the UK was at £14.4 billion as of December 2018.

2. Australia

This is one of the popular gambling countries with $24 billion of profits each year according to the Sunday Morning Herald reported in 2017. The most popular vice of players is poker machines, also called “Pokies”. According to the H2 Gamblimg Capital (H2G) report in 2016, Autralians lost a sum of $990 at that time. This is the biggest data in the world. 

3. China & Macau

In China, the traditional casinos and online casinos are banned, however, Mahjong, the lotteries and sportsbooks are allowed for Chinese citizens. The regular income of each year is up to over $50 billion. There is a big problem in this country, which is participating increasingly

among children and teenagers. On the other hand, casinos are legal in Macau with profits up to $21 billion each year with VIP players accounting for two-thirds of the revenue. It owns one of the largest casinos in Asia and attracts a huge number of players. 

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4. India

The most popular online casino game in India is online Poker. It attracts almost all players, especially teenagers. Thanks to the rapid development of modern technology and the Internet as well as human progress, this country has grown more rapidly in the gambling industry than other developed countries such as the US, Europe and Russia.

Although gambling has been banned in India for a long time, statistics from Statista show that the country’s revenue has exceeded 130 billion USD in recent years.

5. Ireland

This is a beautiful country with many interesting things. Besides, Ireland has become one of famous online gambling with many casino games, especially horse racing. The popular games brought back for this country over $550/person on playing online horse racing  every year according to H2G in 2016.

6. Finland

In Finland, there are many people who consider that spending more than €120 each year on betting games has a serious gamblig addiction, therefore, this country has to offer them free counselling to help them get the right way. 

In this country, the average age of players is just 18 and €500 is the amount that a player will receive every year according to H2G. 

7. Singapore

This is one of the countries that allows legal casino business. With thousands of games like poker, baccarat, lotteries, games in Singapore are legally and belong to the companies and agents responsible as Singapore Pools. Besides, online casinos are also pervasive in Singapore, some prestigious casinos such as 918kiss, King855

According to the Cashbet168 Online casino Singapore statistics from the Singapore Tourist Board, since the first opening of the casino service in 2005, the gambling industry in Singapore has grown, is famous worldwide and shows no signs of stopping. Players have spent $ 1.5 billion per year to participate in exciting games at casinos in Singapore.

8. USA

In the USA, there are 2 locations that are the only legal gambling areas: Atlantic City and Las Vegas. Although the USA has only 2 legal gambling locations, the profits that the casino industry brought back is $137.5 billion while the gross gambling yields in this country in 2019 is $495 billion. That’s amazing! 

9. Canada

In Canada, per gambler spends $570 every year, therefore, the revenue of gambling industry is $13 billion each year for the economy while betting games are allowed in Canada. 

10. Italy

According to statistics of the Libera Association, more than 800,000 Italian citizens are addicted to gambling. This is not a small number for a country that only accounts for 2% of the global population. The Statista newspaper pointed out that the country’s gambling revenue in 2 017 was €102 billion.

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